This Sustainable Life Podcast.

This podcast is about living a sustainable life.

To me, living a sustainable life means a lot of things. When I turned words into action, many changes followed: the self became a community, the adversity found support, reflection developed into self-awareness.

The same will go for you: with the help of stories, role models, leaders.

Spartan Race Sustainability Challenge

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Why We Do The This Sustainable Life podcasts

The reason for This Sustainable Life podcast is our effort to lead people to act on values we all have, not just clean air, land, and water, but stewardship, doing unto others what we would have them do unto us, and connecting with our families and communities by working together.

We believe information, incentives, and instruction are critically important, but they’re extrinsic. Meaning and purpose come from inside. We use Intrinsic motivation to inspire and create meaning.

We don’t want to do little things. We want to do meaningful things. We want to act now, knowing our actions will matter.

Sustainability Podcasts Family Around The World

Eugene Bible, Solve For Nature podcast

Solve For Nature

HOST: Eugene Bible [Hawaii] – LANGUAGE: English

Our guests are the heroes that are working to save our world from climate change, pollution, and the destruction of our natural world. We hear their stories and solutions, and then offer them a chance to act. To take on a challenge to make their own lives more joyful and fulfilling through sustainability and living by their values. We focus on leadership, awareness, action, and the environment. We replace “What I do doesn’t matter” with stories, meaning, purpose, and community. We hope that you join us in building a community dedicated to living better, sustainably.

Listen to the most recent episode:

Alison May, Untethered podcast

TSL: Untethered

HOST: Alison May [England] – LANGUAGE: English

I’m passionate about exploring mind, body, and nature and the things that hold us back from enjoying them. I would call myself a beginner with regards to my sustainability journey and so I started “TSL: Untethered” podcast to learn more about this important topic and share my experiences and my guests’ experiences as we joyfully strive to live more in line with our values and nature.

Nicola Pirulli, Conversazioni Sostenibili podcast

Conversazioni Sostenibili

HOST: Nicola Pirulli [Italy] – LANGUAGE: Italian

Conversazioni Sostenibili wants to inspire. How? By meeting famous and common people telling their stories, successes, failures, goals, and fun facts. The recurring theme of each conversation is sustainability. The goal is not rattling off facts and figures, raising the alarm, or giving advice. Nor judging anyone’s behaviour. Instead, we’ll get to know each guest’s personal idea of the environment and invite him or her to take on a personal challenge (no matter how big it is). In order to give birth to ideas, connections, relationships. And inspire the listeners.

Andreas Larsson, This Sustainable Life Sweden podcast

This Sustainable Life: Sweden

HOST: Andreas Larsson [Sweden] – LANGUAGE: Swedish

I’m a Software engineer with an interest in the lifestyle around sustainability. The podcast is a way for me to grow and develop myself, meet interesting people, and hopefully have some sort of impact.

Featured Guests

Joe De Sena – The Spartan Race

Nir Eyal

Seth Godin

Want to start a podcast on sustainability?

Hosting a podcast isn’t for everyone. It takes time and money. But if you want to change culture so people enjoy acting sustainably, we find it one of the most effective ways. Because we choose the community our podcast serves, we become leaders in communities we care about. Here are some benefits:

  • Meet the most valuable people in communities you care about
  • Create meaningful, supportive connections with them
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Personal growth
  • Professional growth
  • Participating in This Sustainable Life‘s podcast host community
  • Acting sustainably will become natural and easy for you because everyone around you does it too
  • An enduring legacy of stewardship

Our online course teaches you step-by-step how to find the right community for you and to start a TSL podcast to lead it. If, after taking the course, you want to do it, we’ll start you off and connect you with the rest of the TSL host community.

You’ll love changing the world.

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