A sustainable life is a joyful life.

Acting in the direction of living more sustainably is not about reaching a goal. It’s about enjoying the journey.

Sustainable Life

How I get to live sustainably.

Less facts and figure, less doom and gloom, less talk. Get inspired, then act.

Sustainable food

Sustainable Food

I chose to eat healthy food replacing doof (junk food). That’s how I turned addiction into taste.

Sustainable Traveling

Sustainable Traveling

I took my last flight in March 2016. Since then deprivation and sacrifice have disappeared. Discover and joy have grown.

Reducing Waste

Reducing Waste

Buying fresh fruit and vegetables, in a nearby market from local farmers. No packaged food since 2015 and 1 load of garbage per year.

Living Locally

Living Locally

Living sustainably on your own is great. Building a community around it is glorious.

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Joshua Spodek does what he loves, and tries to enjoy the ride while achieving his goals. He applies the scientific method to reality: trials, errors, successes. Sustainability and the values he believes in were found this way, along the journey, searching for what could make the strings of his soul resonate. 

– Nicola Pirulli

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